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Engineered with an ultra-balanced … Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Victus Youth Pro Reserve Yi13 Maple Vyrwmyi13-n/bk USA Baseball Bat - 28 at the best online prices at eBay! After hitting each 2020 Solo with several different hitters, it rates out as well as the 2019 version did. Watch Queue Queue Bat Specifications Wood: Maple Barrel: 2 1/4" Knob: Slight flare Victus Vandal BBCOR Baseball Bat: VCBV $ 349.95 10 The Vandal is my type of bat - one piece and loud. Their special construction makes them stand out from the others in the market and thus they have reached the heights of success in very little time. Our Score 9/10 (BBCOR); 9.8/10 (USA); 8.5/10 (USSSA). Victus and the custom Youth X50 gave us the perfect bat. 2021 Victus Vandal Youth USSSA Baseball Bat -8oz VSBVX8. With the Vandal, it’s a whole new ball game. ... 3 Reviews Hide Reviews Show Reviews 5 "Amazing!!!" They were also pretty excited about the very tack grip. Victus Vandal BBCOR Baseball Bat Review. The durability is also superb with every bat lasting for many games to come. They thought it hurt their hands less. Having a medium barrel, this bat is second to none with its traditional knob and the handle that is not only comfortable but very functional. It has now become one of the most renowned batting names with major players using Victus bats in … 2021 Victus Vandal Youth USSSA Baseball Bat -10oz VSBVX10. For those who are looking for the end-loaded bat that is balanced then there are not so many cons for those people. Furthermore, this bat is big league-grade ink dot certified. 2020 Louisville Slugger Solo Review: Light, Value, Good Performance. (Check here to buy it). For 2020, the bat did come in a BBCOR, but nothing else. The popularity is only boosting and not coming down. Since conquering the wood market, Victus is now focused on the aluminum bat game. Just Bat Reviews, LLC DBA Bat Digest Company. Top 7 Benefits of Baseball Camp and How to choose the right Camp? Several hitters took hacks and we did some basic exit speeds. These bats give the feel that they are only designed for the pro, but they are amazing in the hands of every player. If you’d like a single piece USA bat in a drop 10 with a light swing and loud sound, the Vandal could be on your shortlist. Youth Victus Resulted in 3 Bats 3 FOUND. For 2021, Victus adds a USSSA and USA version of the Vandal. As well, although we need to get around to updating it, our best bat for a 13-year-old article might be useful to look over too. When you want to score big, these bats can help you create miracles. That’s why our progression into aluminum is a natural fit. The maple is less forgiving than other kinds of wood; it is sturdy and rigid and most of the Victus bats are made from this wood type. As such, the Vandal usually isn’t their first choice. This review won’t only list the pros and cons of a perfect bat – but it will also teach you the ins and outs of a best youth baseball bat. Not your typical wood bat. Price: $279.95 Write a Review. Victus Sports produces handmade, pro-quality custom wood baseball bats. Most players in the drop 10 space (from 9 to 11) tend to prefer two-piece bats. December 17, 2020 | by Bat Digest Review Team | @BatDigest. Looking for a BBCOR -3, 32″ for my 5’4″, 140-pound power hitter. In short, the 2020 Vandal’s inner barrel design and exit speeds make it a legit single piece aluminum bat with a premium price, great look and reasonable enough performance to serve the serious hitter. He had been using a Slugger Omaha 517 and an Old Demarini, he just took a few swings with a Victus Vandal and liked the balance and light feel. He appears to like the single-piece bats in the Omaha, CAT 9 and B2 (which is really a JustBats bat, but that’s for another day). Victus Youth USA Bats. © 2021. Victus Youth USSSA Baseball Bats. The drop 11 creates as good as exit speeds as any. For us, it’s never been about playing between the lines. Bat Benefits The advantages of the Victus Vandal are undeniable. We measured, with HitTrax, each of the exit speeds. They are now a part of the BBCOR world! Rating $: High to Low $: Low to High. At Victus, we embrace the evolution of the game and salute the next generation of players who are changing it. Thanks, Victus!!!" Any suggestions are appreciated. This bat is made from high-quality aluminum having a carbon composite barrel end taking the extra weight from the bat end. Made to take your score high, this bat has the deafening crack every time that makes your opponents shake. With the custom colours and engraving this has become his go to bat for all training and the show piece of his bat bag. Victus bats are of high-quality and handmade which makes them the choice of the many MLB professionals. Youth Victus CLEAR ALL. Just Bat Reviews, LLC DBA Bat Digest participate in affiliate marketing programs including but not limited to Amazon and eBay. Victus Vandal BBCOR Baseball Bat Review What can possibly compete with the $500 composite BBCOR bats on the market? At Victus, we embrace the evolution of the game and salute the next generation of players who are changing it. Victus bats are slightly end loaded. The also thought the Vandal swung heavier—although our swing weight measurements showed that wasn’t the case—and the bats were all but the same in swing weight with a slight edge going to the CAT 9’s heaviness. Victus is a high quality bat that is extremely high quality and made with an absolute attention to detail. Durability has been excellent, still looks like new after many hours of hitting. This making gives this bat all of its essential features. The USA version of the 2021 Victus Vandal is only a drop 10 bat. (The USA version of the bat is $249 at release). Victus Sports: Change The Game. We found the CAT 9 and Vicuts Vandal almost identical at 60.8 and 60.5 respectively. Started in 2012, Victus custom wood bats are the hottest wood bat in Major League Baseball. Victus resulted in 8 products from JustBats.com. Throw in the fact you can pick one up for <$50 pretty regularly on eBay and we’re all over it. Head to Head Recommendations. The not too end-loaded BBCOR performs as well as any BBCOR bat on the market, has a loud ping and a great look. The price could always be cheaper, but it is what it is. Victus Sports claim it to be their most durable and well-balanced bat that they manufacture. The 33 and 34-inch versions of that bat were banned and we’ve found, while doing exit speed tests, the 32″ is as hot as anything we’ve picked up. That is, a very durable bat that perfectly serves the need of a budget conscience buyer who needs a light swing. Victus is the second most popular bat brand for the MLB players with over 18.36% of the starting lineup using Victus bats. They have the hardest surface and you need to put lots of effort to drive the ball across the field. However, there are enough that like the CAT 9 where the Vandal–with its more unique look and off the beaten path option—could make sense. The 2021 Vandall in USSSA and USA is first run. Though the bats are end-loaded slightly, the balance is unmatchable. To further enhance the performance of this bat and to make it more comfortable, it has the slightly flared knob to rest the bottom hand. The 2021 Victus never really wanted to be like everyone else. Victus Youth Pro Reserve YI13 Maple Wood Baseball Bat. This -5 Vandal will not disappoint in regard to look, feel or performance! These bats offer great balance and make you hit the ball every time. Generally, we recommend the USA and USSSA Victus Vandal for smaller players that like a loud ping and a single piece feel. You can more details on our experience on our Victus Nox Review: https://ift.tt/3auMBtz In short, we really like the NOX and think it will do really well in the industry. Sort through the full list below to find the bat review you are looking for. Posted by Johnny's Dad on Oct 7th 2020 "This bat exceeded all expectations! It was surprisingly light---because we expected an endload. The Victus Vandal for 2021 is a single piece aluminum bat with a long barrel made possible by differing wall thicknesses. Filter Products By. If you already are a heavy hitter, then you can take advantage of its rigidity and achieve your goals. The performance is the same and there are no structural imperfections in the Victus V Cut bats. Learn More. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. We used HitTrax to compare the 2021 Victus Nox vs 2021 Louisville Slugger Meta. They are equally amazing for the normal players as well as the pros. Since then, the idea has taken off. If you want to try something out of the box but has a similar sort of feel to those bats then something like the StringKing might do you good too. They really look awesome and make you stand out from the others in the field. Because of their amazing performance abilities, Victus bats are the choice of the many renowned players of the major leagues. We like to take the average of the top 10 hits for each bat as a good barometer as to which bat hit the ball faster. If you want to go with something newer, and you want a light swing then a bat like the Vandal is a good pick up. Best Choice in my opinion For a bat which comes with a cushioned grip to save our hands from blisters, is lightweight due to modern technologies, and has a big barrel with a huge sweet spot, my vote sides with the Easton YB14S500 S500 Youth Baseball Bat. For 2021, Victus adds a USSSA and USA version of the Vandal.The BBCOR version of the bat released in the 2020 and our review of it can be found here.The USSSA and USA versions are, like the BBCOR, single piece bats with a big barrel, variable wall thickness, an …

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